BUILDING SITES – It is possible to manage, measure, and monitor projects with drone observation. Aerial Drones LLC can do Geo specific site pictures, 2D mapping, 3D mapping or general pictures and video to meet your monitoring needs. Geo specific-site pictures (exact location, exact altitude over time) can help site managers, owners, investors, etc. to monitor job-site progress. Drone oversight can also assist with site safety: managers can analyze and mitigate dangerous areas.

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE PROPERTY AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES – Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual intrigue that is hard to match for residential and commercial properties. Aerial photos and videos encompass the entire property that can help increase sales in residential neighborhoods. For commercial properties, photos can confirm conditions of the roof and other property features that are difficult to access. They also provide pictures/videos of surrounding area information. Aerial Drones LLC can also provide a highly detailed 3D model, showing top, sides, and front and back of a structure and surrounding areas so a client can view the entire property details in 3D.

COMMERCIAL STORE- FRONT MARKETING – A sUAS aerial video and photos incorporated into your marketing material can help drive customers to your business site. Video and aerial photography are both options for capturing different angles for marketing, promotional, and publicizing campaigns, giving a new perspective to your property. Aerial Drones LLC provides high-resolution photos and 4K video that is four times the resolution of HD.

COUNTRY CLUB/GOLF COURSES – Drone flights can assess problem areas, giving you multiple views throughout the seasons. Aerial Drones LLC can provide 2D and 3D modeling of the course. 2D modeling can provide agricultural intelligence improving year-round care, to spot and identify and quickly react to items such as over/under watering, fungi and parasite damage, and storm damage from such things as wildlife intrusion, fires, or flooding.