HANDS ON—TOUCH, FEEL, FLY – There are many sources to find information about flying, types of drones, purposes, etc. Aerial Drones LLC is not about that. Here you can touch, feel, and fly a drone—not just any drone–but the DJI drone line which is the-10,000-pound gorilla of drones. Your flight director is Michael Wayne who brings knowledge and skill to the new adventures in today’s drone industry. Michael has over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry and is a licensed FAA commercial passenger pilot, FAA sUAS licensed pilot, and holds credentials from EMBRY RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY WORLD WIDE for “sUAS Key Flight Concepts,” in addition to credentials from DRONE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL for “Flight Proficiency and Operational Safety.” He has built and designed experimental airplanes and has national and world speed records. He also has received recognition as an aerobatic pilot.