MONITORING LIVESTOCK – Using the small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) can make ranch management more efficient. It saves time, man hours, and can provide inspection of livestock in areas that are difficult to access. It is a great benefit in spotting and gathering cattle in big pastures by knowing where to start gathering. Drones are also a great benefit for quickly locating lost cattle.

INVENTORY – Using a sUAS system provides a quick and accurate way to determine inventory. It shrinks vast areas of land for inventory control and pasture management. It helps to monitor calving count and any birthing issues.

PASTURE FORAGE AVAILABILITY – – sUAS flights can assess problem areas, giving you multiple views throughout the seasons. Aerial Drones LLC can provide 2D modeling that provides agricultural intelligence through the analysis of ground colors, showing areas where forage exists and does not exist. It also identifies areas where the ground is receiving varying degrees of moisture, helping to identify where you would want to locate your stock throughout the seasons.

WATER AND FENCE DETECTION – Before turning stock out on summer pastures, a sUAS flight can quickly identify fence conditions such as if a tree blew down on the fence over winter, or a herd of elk tore down a section of fence, or if gates were left open by hunters. Drones can also efficiently check for such things as water trough conditions and gates in remote locations.