EQUIPMENT PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – A sUAS flight can quickly audit the adequacy of the preventative maintenance plan of your equipment by identifying potential problem areas before they become problems.

EQUIPMENT CONDITION – A sUAS check can quickly evaluate the condition of equipment, especially in hard to access areas for potential repair or replacement.

INTERIOR/EXTERIOR BUILDING MAINTENANCE – sUAS aerial photos can examine the conditions of roofs, air conditioners, exterior repairs, and other property features that are difficult to access, decreasing the cost of manual inspections. Interior drone inspections can increase efficiency because forklifts, ladders, etc., that might necessitate shutting down equipment or manufacturing areas is not necessary. Also, the use of a sUAS for both interior and exterior inspections increases personnel safety by eliminating the need for performing high-risk tasks.

USED EQUIPMENT PURCHASE AND SALES – From a higher altitude, a sUAS inspection and analysis of pre-owned equipment can provide information on the working integrity of the equipment while in operation. It also insures that hard to reach or see areas can be inspected. This lessens or eliminates having “boots on the ground,” decreasing the decision-making time in the selling/purchasing process.