Chinese and DJI Drones Banned to Only Limited Use

Without question, DJI is the undisputed market leader in today’s drone industry even though some U.S. companies have unsuccessfully tried to challenge its leadership status.  Recently, the Department of the Interior (DOI) independently validated the Government Edition on the DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 600, partly because of the lack of viable domestic alternatives, but only for non-sensitive missions.

In spite of the fact DJI recently released a special Government Edition for its drones that should take away any fears people might have of data being sent to China, Cape, a drone software company out of Redwood City, CA, that supplies law enforcement agencies, has decided that because of security concerns, it will no longer work with DJI or other Chinese drone manufactures. This decision by Cape comes despite admirable results using DJI drones for law surveillance.   Last year Cape outfitted one DJI drone with special software in Ensenada, Mexico.  Police officials said that the drone had assisted in more than 500 arrests and a 10% reduction in crime.

The ban is the latest blow to Chinese drone companies. Without identifying which government agencies expressed concerns about Chinese aircraft and specifically DJI drones, Cape’s CEO said, “Tension has been underground, or behind the curtain. You’re hearing more and more of it come to the forefront.”

DJI spokesman, Michael Oldenburg expressed: “We are disappointed to learn about Cape’s decision, which is based on false speculation, and remain committed to continuously working with all of our customers—including more than 520 public safety agencies who trust our products to conduct critical missions.”

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