Drones offer many critical advantages, both indoors and out. When used by expert pilots, drones are more efficient, can be deployed faster than traditional methods, and they keep human operators out of harms way.

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Aerial Drones based in the Phoenix area but generally covers the southwest U.S

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With over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry, Michael Wayne brings knowledge and skill to the new adventures in today’s drone industry. He is a licensed FAA commercial passenger pilot and FAA small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) licensed pilot , and holds credentials from EMBRY RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY WORLD WIDE for “sUAS Key Flight Concepts,” in addition to credentials from DRONE PILOT GROUND SCHOOL for “Flight Proficiency and Operational Safety.” He has built and designed experimental airplanes and has national and world speed records. He also has received recognition as an aerobatic pilot.

Chief Pilot

Michael Wayne


Mario Vassaux


Aerial Drones, llc, drones allow Farm-i-Tude to become a solution for the COVID 19 challenges that face all future events.  With EPA disinfectants we can treat high-risk zones with heavy footfall while significantly limiting human-to-human contact, destroying 99.9% of bacteria.  Michelle Truman, Farm-i-Tude Public Relations Officer

Michelle Truman

“We used Aerial Drones for our construction site. It’s a great tool to let us know if we’re on schedule and, if we’re not on schedule, it identified where the problem areas may lie. In the past they have also done 2-D and 3-D imaging of our sites that has also helped us to manage work progress.”

Chuck Williams

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Ways Drones Are Helping Fight COVID 19

As remotely piloted devices, drones are naturally effective at minimizing human interactions, which is crucial to safeguard the communities that can potentially become vectors for the COVID 19 virus to spread. DJI is reporting that tests with local partners in China have had drones deployed in four ways: to facilitate communication, disinfect areas, deliver supplies and measure body temperatures. It…

Chinese and DJI Drones Banned to Only Limited Use

Without question, DJI is the undisputed market leader in today’s drone industry even though some U.S. companies have unsuccessfully tried to challenge its leadership status.  Recently, the Department of the Interior (DOI) independently validated the Government Edition on the DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 600, partly because of the lack of viable domestic alternatives, but only for non-sensitive missions. In…


Recent changes in the FAA law allows hobbyist drone pilots to obtain authorization to fly in controlled airspace, replacing the prior requirement of notifying nearby airports.  U.S. recreational drone pilots can now obtain near-instant authorization from the FAA to fly in controlled airspace near approximately 600 airports. This privilege was previously authorized for professional drone pilots only. The LAANC (low altitude…